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Spa procedures

Spa procedures Karlovy Vary

Wellness and spa procedures Karlovy Vary are provided mainly in neighboring Castle Spa with its unique pool with Karlovy Vary mineral water. Castle Spa is located directly across the street. There is a list of procedures below, that can be undergone without medical examination or procedures only possible after examination by a spa doctor.

Unfortunately, the Castle spa is closed at the moment due to the current situation regarding Covid-19.

Procedures without medical examination

Classical massage

A classical massage has local effect (warming up, reduction of skin tension) as well as general effects (metabolism support, influencing the muscular tonus).

Indication: diseases of the locomotor system, rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic conditions or neurological diseases

Oxygen therapy

The inhalation of air with added oxygen. Oxygen is transported through the bloodstream to all tissues and organs. It stimulates bio-chemical processes in the entire body on cellular level.

Indication: improves the activity of cerebral cells, heart vascular system and others

Electro-aerosol inhalation

Device generates mineral water of the Castle Spring into aerosol which covers the air passages, enters the bronchial mucous membrane, anti-inflammatory effect.

Indication: diseases of respiratory tract

Ultrasound inhalation

Combination of herbal mixtures in form of aerosol, anti-imflammatory effect on air passages, improves humidity and helps to cough up.

Indication: diseases of respiratory tract

Pearl bath

Bath with soft massage effects.

Indication: blood flow of skin and lower skin and therefore washing away of the toxic, induces mental balance substances

Aroma bath

Bath with herbal essences with soft massage effects. The effect of the graminaceous essence is replenishing and calming. The essence of indian melissa aids to sleep better after the everyday rush and stress. The lavender essence helps calming and relaxing the entire organism.

Indication: blood flow of skin and lower skin and therefore washing away of the toxic, induces mental balance substances

Mineral bath

Bath in 100% mineral water warms the body and has positive effects on blood circulation in the skin, for muscles and joints as well as psychologic relaxation.

Indication: degenerative diseases of joints and osteoporosis

Underwater massage

For the massage the temperature of the water (34 to 37°C) and the kinetic energy of the water stream is used.

Indication: diseases of the locomotor system, rheumatic diseases or neurological diseases

Kneipp hydrotherapy

Alternating hot and cool water react on biological active points lying on the sole of foot.

Indication: disorders of the peripheral blood circulation, immune system and nervous system, better resistance of organism, stimulation of biological processes

Gum irrigation

Karlovy Vary thermal water is used in water streams which are pouring through a mouthpiece over the gum. The inflammation of gum abates, bleeding stops and the condition of the gum improves after this cure.

Indication: parodontosis and other gum diseases

Foot sole reflex massage

The massage applies acupressure moves focusing on the sole.

Indication: aid to establish inner balance of the organism, reduction of tightness, influencing the physical and psychological stress, alleviation of pain


Treatment of various dermal diseases, allergies, eczemas etc. through biostimulation with light.

Indication: children atopic dermatitis, treatment of acne, fastens healing of scars, sinusitis-inflammation of the sinuses

Procedures with medical examination

Individual curative gymnastics

Aquagymnastics in about 28°C warm water with tools under instruction of physiotherapists.

Indication: releases muscle spasms, induces muscle balance and range of motion

Reflexive massage

The reflexive massage is a manual treatment method. It treats bodyparts which are influenced by diseases of internal organs.

Indication: functional and chronic organic diseases of internal organs, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, vegetative and hormonal dysbalance

CO2 bath

Baths consisting of parts of Karlovy Vary mineral water and cold water enriched with dissolved natural CO2 which penetrates through the skin into the bloodstream and causes strong vasodilatation (expansion of vessels).

Indication: reduced or increased blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease

CO2 dry bath

It has the same effect as the carbonated bath with water, but without the action of water hydrostatic pressure.

Indication: reduced or increased blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease


Mobilisation technique aids at the disposal or dilution of big blockades or joints. Mobilisation uses a postizometric method for unblocking the traction of muscles, breathing exercises, muscle stretching and loosening. A specialists method, which is conducted by staff of rehabilitation after a consultation with doctor.


Application of small amount of medical CO2 into subcutis of acupuncture points.

Indication: acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders and blood circulation problems

Moor packs

Form of heat treatment which is accomplished by use of moor packs on the concerned body parts. It takes advantage not only of the thermal effect but also of the chemical contents.

Indication: diseases of the spine, arthritis, post-traumatic conditions, degenerative changes in the musculoskeletal system, digestive system diseases, metabolic diseases, gynecological and urological


Use of the curative effect of the electric energy in various forms. The forms of the electrotherapy differ in kind of frequencies and types of the current used.

Indication: diseases of locomotor system, circulatory disorders, disorders of muscle tension


Form of heat treatment under application of liquid paraffin on the concerned spots. Thermal effect and anticonvulsant.

Indication: joint arthrosis, limited joint movement