Trascorreri un piacevole soggiorno nel cuore della Karlovy Vary con una fantastica colazione, un sonno confortevole e delle sorgenti calde vicino a voi.
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Tempo libero

Leisure time in Karlovy Vary

What to do in your leisure time in Karlovy Vary? We recommend especially walks into the countryside. They are like soft balsam for the soul in these hurried and busy times. The walks make part of the spa curative stays and are prescribed by the spa doctors to their patients as further spa treatment. The traveler Humboldt wrote that the “forests of Karlovy Vary are the nicest natural park in Europe”. In all cases, the forests of Karlovy Vary also cure: through their beauty and silence they help the springs which heal hundred meters lower.

Net of forest paths began to grow mainly in romanticism as the nature was found again by the people. Glory of paths culminated in 19th/20th century, in the times of first view-towers, forest restaurants and tourist clubs. They have not lost their charm up to the present days. They are waiting for you.

Our hotel guests can choose from variety of activities in their leisure time. We will be pleased to advise you, what to do in boredom; we can also help you with reservation of tickets or untraditional services.


The largest concentration of golf courses in the Czech Republic is in Karlovy Vary and in its surroundings. In 1904, the first golf course was established. The tradition of golf in Karlovy Vary has remained ever since.

  • Golf Resort Karlovy Vary - Golf Resort is one of the oldest golf courses in the Czech Republic as well as in Central Europe. It is located only 5 km from Karlovy Vary downtown. Recently, the whole course underwent complex reconstruction and a new club room was built. This course hosts notable European tournaments. Once a month it witnesses club tournaments. After a tournament or a training practice, golfers can have a rest in a relaxation center or enjoy a range of other available services.
  • Royal Golf Club Mariánské Lázně - The first ball was played on this - then 9-hole - golf course by English King Edward VII. However, the course received its attribute „ROYAL“ as late as 2003 when it was granted by Queen Elizabeth II. The 18-hole course with several indoor and outdoor training fields is very popular with Czech and foreign players. It also hosted several golf championships. The public training golf course is also opened to golfers without a green card.
  • Astoria Golf Resort Cihelny
  • Golf Club Háje
  • Ski centre Novako - Suitable for beginners, families with childern and seniors. The ski centre Novako is located in the centre of Boží Dar.
  • Ski centre Klínovec - Pistes of all difficulty levels are regularly maintained. The resort guarantees good snow conditions by means of the installed artificial snow making system, which covers 80% of ski slopes.
  • Gejzírpark Karlovy Vary - Tennis Club, which in 2005 celebrated 100 years. The club operates in the area of Carlsbad Gejzírpark which provides its members with a maximum sporting and social activities. Its location is one of the most beautiful tennis stalls in the Czech Republic. In addition to beautiful scenery, every visitor can find here enough courts and extensive club facilities.
  • Concerts
    Lazne I (Spa I), Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Municipal Theatre, Grandhotel Pupp, Imperial, Postovni dvur (Post Office Court), Theatre Café Tosca, Church of Lord's Ascention, Rest-home
  • Galleries
    Gallery of Art (Czech art 20th century), Alfa-Omega (present Czech art), Bristol (photographical paintings of Czech artist Jadran Setlík), Café Atrium (motives of Karlovy Vary), Theatre Café Room Tosca (graphics of Stepan Kosek), Gallery Thun-Thun studio Lesov (chinaware typical for Karlovy Vary), Gloria (sales exposition of graphics and ceramics by Czech artists), Grandhotel Pupp (photographical paintings from Jadran Setlik), Charlie (sales exposition of modern art), U Dvou Capu (selection of works of art by Czech authors)
  • Museums
    District museum Karlovy Vary (history, nature of Karlovy Vary, geology, spa trade, tin production, rifle production, Czech glass and chinaware), Museum Zlaty Klic (exposition of the secession collection of Karlovy Vary from the Viennese artist Wilhelm Gause, called World of Colonnades), Jan Becher Museum (exposition, visit of historical cellars and video projection), Museum of Glass Factory Moser (history of production, traditional glass skills, visit of smelting glass works)
  • Observatory
    When the sky is clear and calm, it is possible to observe stars or the moon. The observation is operated with help of electronic navigation system.