Stați în inima orașului Karlovy Vary, cu mic dejun mare, un somn odihnitor și izvoare fierbinți la ușa dumneavoastră.
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Izvoare minerale și colonade

Colonnades and mineral springs Karlovy Vary

Mineral springs Karlovy Vary - the city is unique due to its 13 curative springs, which have been emerging for over 600 years from the earth. It is recommended to drink the springs usually 3 times a day, 40-45 minutes before a meal in average amounts of 700-1000 ml per day. Individual springs differ in their temperature and content of dissolved carbon dioxide. Individual drinking cure is determined on the basis of a medical consultation with a spa doctor. We will gladly arrange a medical consultation for you in the spa facility.

The springs are located in five colonnades: Hot Spring Colonnade, Market Colonnade, Castle Colonnade, Mill Colonnade and Park Colonnade. The Hot Spring, Market and Castle Colonnade are in close proximity to the Hotel Romance. The remaining colonnades are just in 3-5 minute walking distance from the hotel.

Hot Spring Colonnade

This modern reinforced concrete colonnade in the functionalist style from 1975 covers the most famous mineral spring - the Hot Spring - spring No. 1. The geyser releases about 2,000 liters of mineral water/minute on average. Today, it is the only source used for baths. However, the Hot Spring is also used for drinking cure. In the area of the colonnade, there are 5 spring water containers with the temperatures of 72 °C, 57 °C and 41 °C.

Market Colonnade

Richly carved wooden colonnade in Swiss style was built between 1882-1883, designed by the famous Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer. In the interior of the Market Colonnade can be found three mineral springs:

  • The Charles IV spring - temperature 64 °C, spring No. 2
  • Lower Castle Spring I. - temperature 61 °C, spring No. 3a
  • Market Spring - temperature 65,2 °C, spring No. 5

Castle Colonnade

The Art Nouveau style Castle Colonnade was rebuilt into a modern spa complex - the Castle Spa - at the beginning of the 21st century. Inside of the Castle Spa can be seen the relief of the Spirit of the springs and the Lower Castle Spring II. - temperature 55 °C, spring No. 3b. The relief and the spring are only accessible to clients of the Castle Spa. In a freely accessible pavilion above the Castle Spa, the Upper Castle Spring is brought out - temperature 56 °C, spring No. 4.

Mill Colonnade

It is the largest Karlovy Vary colonnade, which was built between 1871-1881 based on the project of an outstanding Czech architect Josef Zítek. The colonnade is decorated with twelve sandstone allegorical statues representing the months of the year. In its interior, five mineral springs rise:

  • Mill Spring - temperature 56° C, spring No. 6
  • Rusalka Spring - temperature 60° C, spring No. 7
  • Prince Wenceslas I. Spring - temperature 65° C, spring No. 8a
  • Prince Wenceslas II. Spring - temperature 64,3° C, spring No. 8b
  • Libuše Spring - temperature 63° C, spring No. 9
  • Rock Spring - temperature 45° C, spring No. 10

Next to the Mill Colonnade, there is a separate pavilion with the Freedom Spring - temperature 60 °C, spring No. 11.

Park Colonnade

This cast iron colonnade from the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer was built in 1880. Today's colonnade is only a fraction of the 19th century building, but fortunately has been preserved to this day, mainly due to the reconstruction in 2002. Under the roof of the Park Colonnade or nearby, following curative springs can be found:

  • Snake Spring - temperature 30 °C, spring No. 15
  • Park Spring - temperature 47 °C, spring No. 12