Séjournez au cœur de Karlovy Vary et profitez d’un super petit déjeuner, d’un sommeil profond et des sources thermales à votre porte.
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Traitement Spa

Spa treatment Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the largest and most famous spa town in the Czech Republic. Spa treatment Karlovy Vary - nowadays, the following is treated here:

  • diseases of the digestive tract - stomach, intestines, gall bladder, biliary tract, liver, duodenum, pancreas
  • musculoskeletal diseases - degenerative diseases of the spine and joints
  • metabolic disorders - diabetes, obesity, gout
  • condition after oncological diseases
  • neurological diseases
  • periodontitis

For the treatment, mainly mineral springs and natural peloids are used. An important part of the treatment is also the drinking cure, which uses mineral hot springs of Karlovy Vary with temperature from 42 °C to 73 °C. Karlovy Vary spring water contains almost all the minerals essential for our body, heals irritations and improves function of digestive organs, increases immunity, helps human's body with removing the noxious substances and improves production of energy in the body. Besides the drinking cure, various spa procedures are prescribed to the patients.

With the exclusive location of the hotel Romance, our guests have the Karlovy Vary mineral hot springs literally on the doorstep. Furthermore, we can arrange spa treatments in the nearby spa facilities, e.g. in the Castle Spa, which is located right across the street (unfortunately the spa is closed due to the current situation regarding Covid-19), or in Elizabeth's Spa (20-min. walk).

To those interested in spa stays, we recommend to purchase one of our spa packages that combine accommodation and boarding at the hotel and spa and relaxation procedures in the nearby Castle Spa with its unique mineral water swimming pool.