Séjournez au cœur de Karlovy Vary et profitez d’un super petit déjeuner, d’un sommeil profond et des sources thermales à votre porte.
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Avantages d’une réservation directe:

Best price guarantee

Best price guarantee

Our best price guarantee ensures that you get the best available rate at the time of booking. Valid if you make your reservation directly through our reservation system. If you find lower price on another website within 24 hours upon completion of your booking, we will match the price of the other deal. Following conditions must be met:

  • You have contacted our reservation department via e-mail info@hotelromance.cz within 24 hours after booking. You have informed us about all the details of the other offer, including a link to the offer and its exact price (in EUR).
  • The other offer is bookable under conditions comparable with those in your booking. I.e. it is the same room type with the same cancellation policy, in the same period (for the same check-in and check-out dates), with the same number of persons and with the same services (incl. meal plan).
  • The other offer is bookable online and is still available at the time we check.

If the above terms are not fulfilled, we can´t match the price of the other deal. The best price also cannot be guaranteed if:

  • It is not clear from the other deal what room type you will be staying at until after you have booked.
  • You are a member of a club or a loyalty program and thus, you are entitled to special prices by the deal provider.

If we cannot match the price of the other offer because one of the above terms is not fulfilled, your existing reservation remains valid in its original version, including the cancellation terms.