Séjournez au cœur de Karlovy Vary et profitez d’un super petit déjeuner, d’un sommeil profond et des sources thermales à votre porte.
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Avantages d’une réservation directe:

Medical massages

Medical massages - massages at the hotel

Medical massage can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. The benefits of medical massages go far beyond the feeling of escape and relaxation. From reducing stress and sleep disorders to improving circulation and well-being, massages are a great way to treat the body and mind. We offer the following medical massages:

To view the full range of massages at the hotel please click HERE




Anti-cellulite and lymphatic massage; course: measurement of the problem areas, then manual stimulation + massage with a roller; for optimal effect a minimum of 5 massages are recommended.; slimming effect, helps with cellulite removal

  • 1x60 min: Legs + abdomen - CZK 1 350,- / 52 EUR
  • 5x60 min: Legs + abdomen - CZK 6 750,- CZK 6 075,- / 234 EUR (price is with 10% discount)

Facial maderotherapy (massage with smaller rollers) can be purchased.

  • 20 min: Face - CZK 560,- / 22 EUR

Lymph-drainage Massage


Lymph-drainage Massage

Special massage of a part of the body to restore the circulation of lymph in the body.

  • 60 min: Whole body - CZK 1 230,- / 47 EUR

Massage with lava stones

Masáž lávovými kameny

Massage with lava stones

Soothing effects due to the heat from the stones; relieves stress and tension, reduces pain.

  • 60 min: Back - CZK 1 230,- / 47 EUR

Dorn's method

Dornova metoda

Dorn's method

Medical massage for joint and muscle pain.

  • 60 min: Joints - CZK 1 230,- / 47 EUR

Discount 10 % when 5 or more massages booked at once. Booking at the reception. Prepayment is non- refundable.

The EUR prices are valid by cash payment in EUR. The daily rates of the Czech National Bank will be used by payment in CZK or with a credit card.