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Feedback – Guest Reviews (English)

Feedback – Guest Reviews

Perfect restaurant

We were there for lunch. We got recommendation from waiter for soup and man course. He recommended prefect. We were satisfied. Food is fresh, made from local ingrediencie and tasty. Portions are big. Prices are higher. But we were satisfied with meal that we didn't have bad feeling about price.”
1. September 2016Alena S

Great place to eat

I'm a vegetarian and I must say that the Czech republic can come a way in providing for vegetarians. But..the soups were fantastic, salds well done and tasty. pasta tasty..so we did ok. Very nice outdoor seating.”
10. August 2016Viriam1

Nice hotel restaurant serving quality food

I was staying at the hotel so I visited the hotel restaurant the first day of my stay. The service was fast, the food was very nice, especially the beef soup. However, when it came to paying the service started being slower and the reason I am not giving an excellent rating is that I was told MasterCard was not accepted (other card issuers were accepted). I have no idea why since it was accepted at the hotel reception. Thankfully I had enough cash but this should not happen in a hotel restaurant that is serving international tourists.”
10. August 2016Morgan L

Recommended for both lunch and dinner :o)

Very nice place. Good food and large selection on the menu both for food and wines. Good waiter too :o) Please try the most expensive Czech wines (not very expensive).”
2. August 2016Christian M

It was quite good

We ordered some different meals and tasted from each other. The food in restaurant is quite tasty and not expensive/”
2. July 2016Ali H

Fresh and reasonable price offer

We took potato and and asparagus soups, arugula salad and fish with buckwheat. Food was fresh and testy. Of course we had 2 Beata. Paid 1000 korund only. We enjoyed Karlovy Vary panorama from terrace. The receipt was 30-70% lower than on other places we visited in karlovy vary and at least as good as others.”
18. May 2016Fresh And Reasonable Price Offer


The atmosphere in this restaurant is romantic . The luxury adding a magical touch to restaurant. The menu has a good choices . The food is very delicious and tasty. The desserts also made by professional hands. I highly recommend this restaurant even if you are a single”
29. April 2016Mohd A

A delicious and great value dinner

Had dinner here on the terrace overlooking the Market Colonnade. A wide choice on the menu and the dish I chose was well prepared, attractively presented and uppermost delicious. Local wine was excellent and cheap,”
12. September 2015Kelvrp

Fantastic restaurant among anothers in Karlovy Vary

Special,place....it is located inside of the Romance Puskin Hotel, very good and tasty meals, attentive and polite waiters, at the end, a place to know and to eat in Karlovy Vay”
26. August 2015Lobao C


Excelente el gulash, lo comimos todas las noches. Excelente calidad precio. Restaurante elegante, y los camareros muy amables.”
11. July 2015Marcela L

Not quite as good as we remembered

We've eaten here many times over the last 10 years and this wasn't quite up to what we normally have. We had a wonderful table outside and our waiter was very nice and spoke excellent English. He started out by bringing us a basket of bread but we didn't get any bread plates or butter for the bread. Maybe this is too much of an American expectation. My husband and I each had soup to start. He had the soup of the day which was a potato mushroom soup. I had their normal potato soup from the menu. It said it had sour cream, sunflower seeds and carpaccio. While the potato mushroom soup was very good we both agreed that mine was spectacular. We ordered a wine that was on special for the month at the suggestion of our waiter and it was really good! We both ordered the lamb shank with mashed potatoes and spinach. We typically eat our lamb at medium and both of these were very well done which made them dry in our opinion. They did not ask us how we would like our lamb done, so we just assumed it would come medium, so if we went there again, we would request that. My husband ordered the rhubarb custard dessert and he thought it was okay. I didn't care for it as I thought the crust tasted like raw pie dough, but he said it didn't taste like that to him. He did say he thought he could have done a better job (he's a great cook himself!). I would say that this is the very first time that we've eaten here (out of 7 or 8) that we haven't been blown away by the cooking. The other times were before I started doing reviews on TA though so this is my first review here.”
28. June 2015Natowife

Um restaurante dentromdo hotel, mas muito bom

Normalmente os restaurantes dentro dos hotéis não costumam destacar-se por não serem o foco do negócio. Mas este, para confirmar a exceção à regra, é muito bom. A comida típica checa ou alemã é muito bem feita, o serviço é muito bom e os preços idem. Experimente também sua sobremesa, caseira e gostosa. O único inconveniente, para nós, brasileiros, é que a cozinha fecha às 2100h. Então, se quiser jantar, reserve e jante mais cedo, mas valerá a mudança neste dia.”
25. June 2015Luizverissimo

Relaxing Meal with lovely food

We found the food extremely good and went back a second night as we enjoyed sitting on the terrace eating. The wine was very good and the waiter very pleasant and courteous. Excellent choice of food.”
9. June 2015Barbara W

Pork Knuckle Spectacular

The pork knuckle (Eisbein) is a speciality of the house but be prepared to eat! The presentation was perfect and the food was perfectly cooked.”
8. June 2015Charleso54

Excelente Truta

É um restaurante acolhedor e como tudo em Karlovy Vary te faz sentir em épocas passadas. Comemos uma excelente truta, bem apropriada ao clima e à cidade. Vale conferir quando estiver por lá.”
20. May 2015Geraldoxavier

Delicious dishes!

We stayed at the Hotel Romance Puskin during our stay in Karlovy Vary and after eating at the hotel restaurant upon arrival, we ended up choosing to eat all our meals here since we really loved the food as well as the service and location! We tried numerous dishes on the menu and everything we chose was always delicious, well presented and most important, the ingredients used were always fresh. Compliments to the chef as well as to the waiters!”
3. March 2015Elisa D

Great little find!

Stumbled in and were a bit unsure but were served very tasty, Hearty, great value food quickly and efficiently in a very casual and clean setting. Seemed to be lots of locals in, thoroughly enjoyed the pork knee and the beef steak :).”
14. December 2014Chloers29

Muito bom

Apesar de não parecer pela frente, é um ótimo restaurante. Atendimento muito bom e a comida, apesar de simples, é deliciosa.”
23. October 2014Renata S

A Really Good Traditional...

Best breakfast ever in the Czech Republic”
3. September 2014Renzonimmo

Nice location, nice food

We booked lunch at this restaurant at 1:30pm recently for 8 people, but we were late and showed up in nearly 3:00pm. The restaurant staff was very nice and served us despite our terrible lateness. Although they asked us to choose menu before we showed up, we appreciate their efficiently in providing food. Food is nice too. Also the location is in the mid-section of Karlovy Vary, so very easy for us to take casual walk after our very full lunch.”
16. August 2014Aiyi W


Breakfasts had great variety of choice. Location as good as could be”
16. August 2014Russell


The breakfast was elaborate and delicious. Its also the perfect location--right off the main stretch and incredibly quiet.”
7. August 2014Abby_s17

a romantic place in the middle of the town a close o the river."

superb breakfast buffet, service, ...all”
2. August 2014Jose


Every espects are so great. Especially the breakfast, they provide many kinds of great food. They are tasty and fresh! And staffs are supper kind.”
30. July 2014Fan

Why are we all so crazy about the breakfast?

At Romance Pushkin there were home-made lunch meat offerings we'd never before encountered, cheeses that could win awards at the local fair, an entire bread 'exhibition' to choose from! Several coffee styles were on offer along with a large glass vat of hot milk with a mechanical stirring device so you could be sure there were no lumps in your latte. Need jam? How about 8 regular varieties plus four choices of home-made compote? The raspberry is strongly recommended. I could go on about the abundance and beauty of this breakfast extravaganza. Karlov Vary: come for architecture so sublime it could bring tears to the right set of eyes; stay for what could be the best hotel breakfast in Europe!”
30. July 2014Suremarket


Breakfast was amazing. Made me want to yelp it!”
17. July 2014Michael


Breakfast was excellent. I been in many places in the world but breakfast in this hotel was excellent. location was very nice too.”
27. May 2014Rajesh


Perfect location! Amazing staff! Great food at the restaurant! Definitely would go back.”
7. May 2014Elena

It stays one of the best for several years

Very tasty dishes in the restaurant - we had dinner there every day. Breakfast buffet is perfect! It is the best breakfast ever been. .”
24. April 2014Igor_potapov

Excellent location

Large restaurant in the hotel, include an amazing breakfast - fruit, veggies, meat & cheese, breads, fish, salads, yogurt with toppings, fresh squeezed juices, and sweets. You couldn't ask for more variety, and all fresh and tasty.”
19. February 2014Travelinggirlnguy


Very nice location, superb breakfast, they have everything for every taste.”
29. December 2013Ioannis


The breakfast was excellent, and dinner in the restaurant was very good too.”
21. October 2013Ruth


Everybody wrote about the excellent breakfast.it is true.it was one of the best breakfasts I had in a hotel(and I have been in many hotels).home made delicates and excellent caffe.”
20. October 2013Andrei


Restaurant fantastic and location was right in the heart of the town. Everything was perfect, would go again.”
22. September 2013Tricia


The breakfast was the best I have ever seen. The staff were very helpful”
8. September 2013Anonym


You can get high value for your money. The breakfast is more than perfect.”
6. September 2013Csaba


Great staff really helpful and conscientious and so friendly. Best breakfast ever a real treat a real smorgasbord of lovely food!!”
15. July 2013Neomi


There was a fantastic spread for breakfast & a great coffee machine. Breakfast on the terrace the first morning was lovely & relaxing.”
16. June 2013Anonym
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