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For kids

Diana Observatory Tower- Butterfly House, mini zoo and playground.

You can take the cable car directly from the city to the Diana Excursion Area. For children and parents, access to the lookout tower, mini zoo and playground is completely free. The butterfly house is charged. The area is surrounded by spa forests, so if you don’t want to go down the cable car, you can walk along the forest path to Deer Jump lookout and then to the very center of Karlovy Vary.

St. Linhart – Climbing center, paths, game reserve and cafe.

The natural climbing center will offer 5 different circuits according to the number of selected obstacles and the age category. St. Linhart also offers a trail with animal silhouettes or a dendro trail. You can also visit the game reserve, where you can see deer, fallow deer or wild boar. After the walk you can enjoy a warm round at a local cafe with information center.

Rolava a Meandr – playground and in-line track.

The Rolava complex offers a children’s playground as well as an in-line track and tennis courts, and also serves as a swimming pool during the summer. The children’s playground is equipped with a tower with a slide, jumpers, a rocking carousel, swings, a basketball hoop and a sandpit. Rolava also provides rental for all offered activities.

The Meandr complex offers a 930-meter long in-line track with a sandy children’s playground. Meander Park also offers two courts for petanque, beach volleyball or badminton.

Boží Dar – Santa’s path

Santa’s way is open every day, so you can leave Santa’s wish at Santa’s post office all year round. Santa’s Way consists of two circuits, the longer (12.9km) and shorter (5.6km) and is up to you to choose. On the given route, various tasks are prepared, which are written in a notebook, which you can buy at the Boží Dar Infocentre.

Christmas House

The Christmas House in Karlovy Vary is the only and also the first house in the Czech Republic to offer visitors Christmas decorations on an unprecedented scale. You can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the Angel Café with Christmas decorations, sweets and Christmas. The Christmas House exhibition is for sale. Admission and other information can be found at: