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Accommodation rules


  • Only the guests enlisted in the hotel reception can occupy the room. Other persons cannot enter in the accommodation part of the hotel without the agreement of reception staff.
  • Each guest can see the room before his check-in. He is informed about its price. If he agrees with the price, it cannot be changed later without the agreement of reception.
  • By arrival, the guest proves his identity by the valid passport, identity card, or other official ID with a picture. Each person is obliged to show his ID if reception staff calls on.
  • Hotel reserves the room till 6:00 p. m. After this time, the hotel can offer the capacity to other guests. It is necessary to announce later arrival by e-mail, fax, or phone. The guest can be accommodated from 2:00 p. m. (check-in time) in the reserved room.
  • The guest accommodated before 7:00 a.m. pays full charge for the last night. Early check-in is possible, by request, for a fee from 8:00 a.m.
  • When leaving the room, the guest turns the lights and TV off, checks if all the water closures, the windows, and the door are closed and leaves the key at the reception.
  • On the ground floor, there is a room reserved for visits (restaurant lounge). Visits are possible with reception permission only. All visits are obliged to present a valid photo ID at reception and sign into the book of visits.
  • Dogs and other animals are allowed in the rooms after reception agreement and after paying the charge according to the valid pricelist only. By breaking this rule, the guest is obliged to pay double the fee for an animal according to the valid pricelist. Dogs and other animals are NOT allowed to enter the hotel restaurant. The hotel reserves the right to end guests’ stay without a refund in case of noise – barking and littering.
  • The guest has the right to use the equipment of the hotel room with facilities, social rooms, and services of the hotel. In case of any damages, the compensation will be charged (the relative part).
  • In the room and in other parts of the hotel, the guest behaves in such a way that he does not cause fire. In case of fire, he informs the reception (phone no: 100) or any employee of the hotel immediately. The guest may also call the fire protection service (phone no: 9-150).
  • For safety reasons, it is prohibited to use any electrical appliances in the room and in the other parts of the hotel, except the appliances, which are used for personal hygiene (shaver, massage appliances, hairdryers…) and for charging portable devices. Thermal preparation of food in the rooms on own electrical appliances is strictly forbidden. For preparing and storing the food or beverages, a “guest kitchen” is available on the second floor.
  • Without approval of the hotel staff, it is prohibited to bring any food or beverages into the hotel restaurant and consume them there. Without agreement of the hotel staff, it is prohibited to carry away food and dishes from the breakfast buffet and from the restaurant.
  • By arrival, the guest is obliged to check the room and notify the eventual failures immediately. In case of any damage found on the hotel equipment not reported by arrival, the guest is obliged to pay it in full. In case of a request for moving the furniture, the guest informs the hotel’s reception, which arranges possible changes.
  • Any complaints or proposals of guests are accepted by the hotel management through the reception, through the “Book of Wishes and Complains” or by email address
  • From 10.00 p. m. to 6.00 a. m., the guests keep night peace. During this time, it is prohibited to remain in the other parts of the hotel than in the rooms (corridors, staircase, lift…) and disturb other quests by noise.
  • Hotel has the right not to accommodate or terminate the stay of the guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who disturb other guests or limit hotel operation by noise or by any other behavior. In case of cancellation for the reasons stated in this point, the hotel reserves the right to charge a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Smoking is prohibited in non-smoking rooms and also in common areas of the hotel (corridors, staircase, lifts…) as well as in the hotel restaurant. For smoking in a non-smoking room or non-smoking areas, the hotel reserves the right to charge a 2000,-CZK fee. Smoking is allowed on the hotel terrace and in smoking rooms only.
  • Hotel is not responsible for the things brought into the hotel and for the damages caused on things left in the hotel, if these were not left on the reserved or usual places (room safe). For the money and valuable things the hotel is responsible when they were overtaken into the hotel’s safe on reception against confirmation only. In the other cases, the hotel does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • Phone and mini-bar charges are not included in the room price. Hotel reserves the right to take a deposit for these charges.
  • For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children below 10 years of age alone in the room or in other parts of the hotel.
  • Guest pays for accommodation in order with agreed price and for other services in order with the valid pricelist, upon check-out latest. Hotel reserves the right to request payment in advance on the day of arrival. The credit limit on the guest’s account is equal to the total amount for 1 week accommodation. After reaching the credit limit, a deposit may be required.
  • Discounts are possible after the discussion with the management only – if it has not been allowed in advance.
  • In case of cancellation of the unfinished accommodation, the hotel will charge cancellation fees according to the reservation conditions. If these are not specified, the following cancellation fees apply: 100% cancellation fee for the first canceled night, 50% for the next night, and 20% of the total amount for the remaining nights.
  • The guest can choose payment currency when paying cash (CZK or EUR). When paying cash, the guest is obliged to count returned change; later reclamations cannot be accepted. After realized payment, it is not possible to cancel the payment and realize it once again in other currency or change payment method. Payments by credit card are possible in CZK only (the exchange rate of Czech National Bank, valid on the day of payment, will be used for calculation from EUR).
  • On departure day, the guest has to leave the room until 11 a. m. (check-out time), otherwise the next night will be charged. Late check-out is possible, up to availability, for a fee and has to be confirmed by reception.
  • If the guest asks for an extension of his stay, the hotel can offer him another room. The room can be different than the one he occupied before.
  • 2 lifts are available for guests. Guests are required to follow the instructions inside the elevator. In particular, they are not allowed to exceed the number of persons inside the lift. In the event of a violation (overloading the elevator), the guest is obliged to pay the full amount according to the service company’s bill.
  • By checking-in, the guest agrees with these accommodation rules and has an obligation to follow the regulation of these rules. In case he seriously breaks it, the management has the right to withdraw the contract for accommodation before passing the agreed time and the guest is required to leave the hotel immediately (after paying for used services). In case of fail doing so, the guest may be ejected by the hotel’s staff, without the possibility to claim possible loss or damage on the guest’s property.

Management of Hotel Romance
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