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After long waiting, we will reopen the doors of our hotel to you on May 26, 2020!

We have been busy preparing our hotel and restaurant for reopening, we will have some news as well as special offers for you!
You can already book your stay. Select a date below and use our booking system.


Drinks menu (English)

Drinks Menu


Appetizers, Vermouths
  • Becherovka0,04 l
  • Campari Bitter0,05 l
  • Cinzano Bianco0,05 l
  • Martini Dry (with olive)0,05 l
  • Martini Bianco (with slice of lemon)0,05 l
  • Martini Rosso (with slice of orange)0,05 l
  • Prosecco Spumante Brut (gently sparkling)0,10 l
Port Wine, Sherry
  • Sandeman Sherry Medium0,05 l
  • Sandeman Porto Imperial0,05 l
  • Royal Oporto 10 Years Old0,05 l
Mixed Drinks
  • Campari Orange (5 cl Campari, 2 dcl Orange Juice)
  • Mojito (4 cl Bacardi, mint, lime, demerara sugar, soda, ice)
  • Aperol Spritz (5 cl Liqueur Aperol Bitter 11% Vol.,1 dcl Prosecco, 3 cl soda, orange)
  • Beton (1,5 dcl Kinley Tonic, 4 cl Becherovka)
  • Gin Tonic (4 cl Beefeater Gin, 1,5 dcl Kinley Tonic, lemon, ice)
  • Spritzer small (1 dcl White Wine, 1 dcl Mineral Water)
  • Spritzer large (2 dcl White Wine, 3,3 dcl Mineral Water)
White & red wine by the glass

(for our offer of Czech and international carefully selected bottled wines see Wine List)

  • Müller Thurgau (table white wine, dry, CZE)0,1 l
  • Müller Thurgau (table white wine, dry, CZE)0,2 l
  • Chardonnay (cabinet white wine, semi sweet, CZE)0,1 l
  • Chardonnay (cabinet white wine, semi sweet, CZE)0,2 l
  • Frankovka (table red wine, dry, CZE)0,1 l
  • Frankovka (table red wine, dry, CZE)0,2 l
Sparkling Wine
  • Bohemia Sekt Demi Sec0,75 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Demi Sec0,375 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Demi Sec0,2 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Brut0,75 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Brut0,375 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Brut0,2 l
  • Bohemia Sekt Demi Rosé0,375 l
  • Prosecco Spumante Brut (gently sparkling)0,2 l
  • G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne  0,75 l
  • Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial0,75 l
Bourbon, American Whiskey
  • Jim Beam0,04 l
  • Jack Daniel’s0,04 l
Scotch Whisky
  • Ballantine’s0,04 l
  • Johnnie Walker Red Label0,04 l
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label0,04 l
  • Chivas Regal 12 Years Odl0,04 l
Irish Whiskey
  • Jameson0,04 l
  • Bushmills Malt 16 Years Old0,04 l
  • Beefeater Gin0,04 l
  • Gordon’s Gin0,04 l
  • Smirnoff (GB)0,04 l
  • Smirnoff Black (GB)0,04 l
  • Finlandia (FIN)0,04 l
  • Finlandia Cranberry (FIN)0,04 l
  • Stolichnaya (RUS)0,04 l
  • Russian Standart original (RUS)0,04 l
  • Hanácká (CZ)0,05 l
  • Bacardi Light Dry0,04 l
  • Božkov0,04 l
  • Hennessy V.S.0,04 l
  • Martell V.S./span>0,04 l
  • Courvoisier V.S.O.P.0,04 l
  • Courvoisier X.O.0,04 l
Brandy, Armagnac
  • Napoleon0,04 l
  • Armagnac0,04 l
  • Metaxa *****0,04 l
  • Tequila Olmega Silver0,04 l
  • Tequila Olmega Gold0,04 l
  • Original Carlsbad Becherovka0,04 l
  • Carlsbad Becherovka Lemond0,04 l
  • Original Carlsbad Becherovka KV 14 (Diabetic)0,04 l
  • Absinth0,04 l
  • Jägermeister0,04 l
  • Fernet stock0,04 l
  • Fernet Stock Citrus0,04 l
  • Malibu0,04 l
  • Baileys0,04 l
  • Slivovice0,04 l
  • Borovička0,04 l
  • Hruškovice0,04 l
  • Grappa0,04 l
  • Erdinger (yeast bottled pale ale)0,5 l
  • Budějovický Budvar 12° (draught beer)0,5 l
  • Budějovický Budvar 12° (draught beer)0,33 l
  • Pilsner Urquel (bottled lager beer)0,33 l
  • Krušovice (bottled porter ”dark beer”)0,5 l
  • Budějovický Budvar (bottled nonalcoholic beer)0,33 l
  • Radler (0,3 l Sprite, 0,2 l draught beer)0,5 l


  • Coca Cola, Coca Cola light (bottle)0,33 l
  • Sprite (bottle)0,33 l
  • Fanta (bottle)0,33 l
  • Kynley Tonic, Ginger Tonic (bottle)0,25 l
  • Mattoni Grand Mineral Water (sparkling, light sparkling, bottle)0,33 l
  • Mattoni Grand (sparkling, bottle)0,75 l
  • Evian Pure Water (PET)0,33 l
  • Aquila Aqualinea (pure water, bottle)0,33 l
  • Aquila Aqualinea (pure water, bottle)0,75 l
  • Mattoni sparkling water (PET)1,5 l
  • Cappy Apple Juice (bottle)0,25 l
  • Cappy nectar Orange Juice (bottle)0,25 l
  • Cappy nectar Multivitamin Juice (bottle)0,25 l
  • Cappy Strawberry Juice (bottle)0,25 l
  • Pfanner 100% Tomato Juice (bottle)0,2 l
  • Fresh juice (orange,grapefruit,apple,carrot other by the daily offer)0,2 l
  • Tchibo Espresso
  • Tchibo Espresso Ristretto
  • Tchibo Espresso Macchiato
  • Tchibo Café Créme
  • Tchibo Cappuccino (cinnamon or chocolate)
  • Tchibo Café au Lait
  • Tchibo Café Laté Macciato
  • Tchibo Café Créme – pot
  • Turkish Coffee
  • Viennese Coffee
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
Coffee Specialties
  • Tchibo Café Laté Macciato „Irish Cream” (with Baileys 0,02l)
  • Irish Coffee (with Irish Whisky 0,02l, whipped cream)
Warm Drinks
  • Grog (rum Božkov 0,04 l, lemon, sugar)0,2 l
  • White Mull (lemon, sugar, glühfix)0,2 l
  • Red Mull (lemon, sugar, glühfix)0,2 l
  • Hot Chocolate with whipped cream – instant
  • Milk0,2 l
  • Hot Chocolate „Romance” (Brandy Napoleon 0,02 l, whipped cream)
  • Russian Chocolate (Vodka 0,02 l, whipped cream)