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À la carte (English)

Regular menu (À La Carte)

Our cuisine focuses on traditional Czech and Central European dishes using regional ingredients in a modern lightened version. Our highly qualified chefs prepare dishes from the world cuisine inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. In the offer, the guests can find meals from lamb meat collected from local farmers, chicken from the Czech breeding, or South-American beef tenderloin, but also many pasta dishes from quality Italian and Spanish ingredients.

The offer is completed by fresh sea food and freshwater fish along with a varied selection of salads. Our cuisine offers diet and vegetarian dishes carefully prepared on steam and vegetable oil to ensure the maximum preservation of health-promoting substances.


Starters & Soups

  • Salmon Carpaccio filled with pesto, shrimp and Parm ham, honey-mustard dressing, drizzled with sun-dried tomato oil served with toast and butter
  • Double intensified beef broth with home made dumpling and vegetable Julienne

Main Dishes

  • Sirloin strips with mushrooms and spring onion, served with potato pancakes
  • Chicken steaks in Parmesan dough served on tomato sauce, side dish stewed broccoli
  • Pan roasted trout served on spinach with bacon and roasted cherry tomatoes, flavoured with white wine and sour cream), served with gourmet baked potatoes
  • Poached salmon (boiled in root vegetables with white wine, at moderate temperature to preserve nutrients) with sweet potatoe purée – batata
  • Lettuce salad made of several sorts of fresh salad lettuces, decorated with cherry tomatoes, with homemade balsamic-olive dressing and grilled „Haloumi“ cheese, toast and butter
  • „Moravian pocket“ – homemade pork chop, white cabbage, potato pancakes (Bohemia – Moravian speciality)


  • Homemade cheesecake-chocolate dessert with raspberry ice cream of own production
  • Pancakes with hot raspberries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate
  • Wide range of ice cream – see our ice-cream card


  • Potato cream
    Potato soup with sour cream, beef carpaccio and sunflower seeds
  • Pfeffersteak
    Peppersteak with skim-sauce on green pepper
  • Grilled vegetables
    Grilled vegetables (baby carrot, asparagus, zucchini, roasted
    fresh bell pepper, eggplant, potatoe fondant) decorated
    with cherry tomatoes, gravied with fine cream
  • Leaf salad
    Lettuce Salad (from rucola, iceberg salad and radiccihio),
    cherry tomatoes, with homemade balsamic-olive dressing
    and grilled Haloumi cheese, toast and butter
  • Pancakes
    Carlsbad pancakes with plum jam and sour cream
  • Potato cream
  • Pfeffersteak
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Leaf salad
  • Pancakes